Your idea has the potential for success - implement it now!

At the beginning an idea is only inside your head. It needs to proove itself in real life to thrill its users. You can't find that out in theory - only by trying it out you can find success.

To make this possible quickly and to the point we support you with your personal Innovation Box: in paper or digitally.

Open your personal Innovation Box

Developing ideas does not work as written in a textbook. Maybe you are looking for an idea for your independence? Or do you need a new idea that you want to suggest to your employer? Are you an entrepreneur or a manager and need a new product or service? Maybe you just need an idea for a party, an event or your next vacation?

In the Innovation Box you will find exactly what your idea needs for its success. This will convince your customers, investors and business partners.

Pack your innovation box with our components now:

Tools & Methods

With our tools and methods you will get the right ideas faster and bring them to live successfully.
  • Posters for your innovation projects
  • Digital assistants for more creativity, innovation and agility for yourself and your team
  • Toolbox for creative and innovative teams

Online Courses

With our online courses you will learn the most important techniques and methods for your successful idea.
  • for more creativity, e.g. with Design Thinking
  • for more innovation, e.g. with Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas
  • for more agility, e.g. with Agile Project Management

Idea and Business Coaching

Let our experienced start-up and business coaches advise you individually on your idea and its success.
  • individually for yourself and your endeavor
  • with packages and flatrates tailored to your needs, whenever you need them
  • easily usable online anywhere

Participate in a strong network

Nobody can know everything. For the success of new ideas you need expertise and experience.

With the Innovation Box you can connect with other experts:

For innovators

For facilitators

For founders

For managers

For entrepreneurs

For transformers

For trainers

Simply for you

The basic membership is free – forever.

This is what you get:

  • All free online courses
  • All free tools of the Innoversity Institute
  • Access to the large network of innovators, facilitators, founders, managers, entrepreneurs, transformers and trainers
  • Access to our job portal for creative, innovative and agile jobs
  • Exclusive conditions for online courses, trainings, workshops and coachings

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We boost ideas

Every year we support numerous people and organizations in becoming more creative, innovative and agile.

We want to share our skills and experience with you.

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Our members value our offer

Our training courses, online courses and coaching inspire numerous members. That’s what they say about our offer.

In addition to the online course, the coaching helped me a lot to get my questions solved. My coach was easy to reach via email, chat and WhatsApp, so I always got a quick answer to my problem in the design thinking process."

TeilnehmerIn eines Onlinekurses

"The event was very motivating. It's like surfing a new wave and getting new ideas for a new job! In this way I can do more for our company, our customers and my team and learn from others in order to develop myself. Thanks for that!"

TeilnehmerIn eines 3-tägigen Workshops

"Being able to use new methods competently is one thing - persevering through changes is another. I am happy to have persevered and to have adapted our working methods so that we can better solve our challenges in the future."

Teilnehmer eines Personalentwicklungsprogramms in einem Unternehmen

"The videos in the online course spurred my team and me to move forward in the design thinking process and to keep an eye on everything we need for it. The online question and answer session via Skype was able to clarify our questions quickly."

Teilnehmer eines Onlinekurses

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